norton couponNowadays, surfing the Internet bears a substantial and devious risk. A big risk is posed merely by visiting a website. This is especially so, considering that even the good websites can be hacked and harm the computer of an unsuspected user. Statistics state that 81% of the sites that were flagged as suspicious included drive-by download and phishing software.

Users get affected, with their privacy being invaded, without their knowledge. It is highly important that internet users arm themselves with reputable security services to secure their activity on the web. One such great example of these services is Norton’s Safe Web.

Safe Web Service

norton safe webNorton Safe Web (NSW) is a service, technically developed by Symantec Corporation, designed to enable Internet users identify websites that are malicious from those which aren’t.

Symantec is among the global leaders in infrastructure, assisting businesses and consumers by boosting their confidence in today’s connected world. This firm provides for protection of their clients’ information, interactions and infrastructure by delivering services which address security issues, compliance and performance. They have their headquarters at Cupertino, California, but operate in over 40 countries.

How Does The Service Work

The NSW software was launched in 2008 and is currently included in versions of Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security. The Safe Web serves to deliver all relevant information about sites, based on both automated analysis and user feedback.

The software operates as a web-browser plugin, and is compatible with most browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 6 or later. For instance, if you key in or search words on Google and other search engines, Norton Safe Web will differentiate the safe results (often indicated with green color) from those that are unsafe (often indicated with red color).

Norton Safe Web actively crawls and analyzes different websites. In addition, it also relies on the feedback from Norton Community participants and other Internet users. In case a drive-by download occurs from a website, the suspicious URL is reported automatically to Norton Safe Web for further analysis. Such sites are then rated unsafe in case the analysis confirms the download to be malicious.

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Norton Safe Web ensures to perform a frequent re-analysis of websites, ascertaining that sites’ ratings accurately reflect the current states of those sites. It makes use of a site-rating aging algorithm that estimates how often a site’s safety will change. Various factors are used in the analysis, including the site’s reputation, rating history, associations, number of submissions from Norton clients, site traffic, number and kind of threats detected on that site.

Unsafe sites which may have been cleaned up are often reanalyzed while those which might take relatively longer to eliminate the detected threats are reanalyzed less frequently. They also accept user reviews, ranking the contributors by reputation. In case a site-owner dispute their site’s ranking, they’re allowed to submit a re-evaluation request once they complete the validation process.

Safe Web is quite helpful in blocking phishing sites and overlapping in functionality with Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security. Norton Safe Web’s main goal is to provide all users with the most accurate and up-to-date website ratings of any offering in the market. By ascertaining to use this service, you’ll be guaranteed of top notch security, allowing you to freely surf the web, avoiding the unsafe sites and only accessing the safe ones.

Pricing and Coupons

The service is totally free so you don’t have to purchased any symantec product, e.g. the norton security, antivirus or endpoint protection to name a few of the most famous ones. However, if you want to upgrade and have a personalized technical support a norton coupon code can be applied to have 20% discount of the $80 price.

Here is Gavin Anderson, the development manager of Norton safe web project explaining more: