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Relevance and Ranking

  • Don Metzler, ISI, USA
  • Luo Si, Purdue, USA

Search Systems and Applications

  • Junghoo Cho, UCLA, USA
  • Torsten Suel, NYU Poly,USA

Content Analysis

  • Tie-Yan Liu, Microsoft Research, China
  • ChengXiang Zhai, UIUC,

Bridging Structured and Unstructured Data

  • S Sudarshan, IIT Mumbai, India

Behavioral Analysis and Personalization

  • Qiaozhu Mei, UMich, USA
  • Ryen White, Microsoft Research, USA

Social Systems and Graph Analysis

  • Lada Adamic, UMich, USA
  • Paolo Boldi, U Milan, Italy
  • Jure Leskovec, Stanford, USA


  • Roberto Bayardo, Google Research, USA
  • Kamesh Munagala, Duke, USA

Abuse, Security, and Privacy

  • Brian Davison, Lehigh, USA
  • Ninghui Li, Purdue, USA

User Interaction and Mobility

  • Ed Chi, PARC, USA
  • Elizabeth Churchill, Yahoo! Research, USA

Performance, Scalability, and Availability

  • Virgilio A F Almeida, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Oliver Spatscheck, AT & T Labs -- Research, USA

Software Infrastructure

  • Boualem  Benatallah, U New South Wales, Australia
  • Raghu Ramakrishnan, Yahoo! Research, USA

Semantic Web

  • Abraham Bernstein, U Zurich, Switzerland

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